300 South 12th Street

Newark, New Jersey 07107

(862) 227-3336 - (973) 622-4934

A 501C3 organization sponsored by The Restoration Center - Dr. Rev. T. Durr, CEO

The GCBC Youth Program was created by Ms. Yolanda Ramirez who also serves as the Program Director.

Ms. Ramirez's passion is working with children.  She has enjoyed a long and successful background working with children which began as a nursery school teacher.  In 2004, she established her Unity Dance studio where she taught children various genres of dance including ballet, jazz, creative movement and African dance. 

In 2010, she segued from teaching dance and created her Fitness & Fun Program - a fitness program designed especially for children. 

In 2019, Ms. Ramirez partnered with Dr. Durr, CEO of the Restoration Center, to create the GCBC Youth Program.  The GCBC Youth Program is a unique program for children that strives to EDUCATE, ENGAGE, ENLIGHTEN & EMPOWER children with reading & writing workshops, arts & crafts, dance classes, talent development and Ms. Ramirez's Fitness & Fun program. 

The Fitness & Fun  program engages kids in healthy physical activity with it's core exercise being jump rope.  The "Jump2It" program teaches children the healthy benefits of jumping rope and is led by it's mascot, "Miss Jumpy", a friendly, colorful, energetic character who even has her own signature "Jump2It" theme song. 

In addition, the GCBC Youth Program also host's children's parties and events that offers face painting, games and other fun activities for children.